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It's soo good! <3

how do I play it(I’m on a apple device 

this game is so cute but it's very hard to play without the tutorial i can never win this game if i don't use the walkthrough btw i love this game <3 sorry if my english bad

Game is great, the artstyle is really what's making the game, cute artstyle shitfting to a more dark plot, however I do find myself kinda questionning the true ending, it doesn't make a lot of sense, but great game anyway

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I haven't played but oh my goodness I love your style and the character design



didnt expect that woops- this is really interesting. Trying to get a good ending since I saw in the comments theres one but THAT WAS THRILLING and kinda scary haha

played the true end and god, hearing river flows in you while we felt like floated was kinda funny

Who else thought that Akano was a boy-?

I made fanart for this game-

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:> noice :) 

whenever I download it.It won't do anything 

I loved it so much! The atmosphere was incredible, tho the true ending is a bit confusing. I would love to see a remake of this in the authors new art style because their skill improved so much!

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I love the game! but i cant figure out how to get the last ending :( but ill keep playing to figure it out

(update and spoiler...?)


One of the best games I have played to be honest I really like the true ending ^.^

this is such an adorable game----the horror aspect is spot on aswell. <3

This game is soo good yo!!!!!!

Will the be more characters or something

The art is super cute! It's a really nice little game!

i want to play but it keeps saying "files missing" or smth T.T

nvm it worked


I thought this just looked cute at first I completely forgot the warnings and thought Akano was adorable when the real part came though ( when Akano tried to punch you) It always made me jump even after going through that part multiple times 

This game is incredible and I love the art!

Ok so an "An Exception Has Occurred" Page keeps popping up around the attic part. Is this part of the game and I'm just too stupid to realize? If not how can I fix that? 

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Spoiler warning

Is it bad that I would date Akano, torturer or otherwise. I really want to date him.

oh nah same

:> meh too- -v-

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i totally did not expect that.. cute game though!

edit: finally finished the good ending! that felt kinda overwhelming damn

i wanna date akano please? idc if he tortures me lo

I feel that honestly, Akano is so adorable!


3 blue froggies- UvU

Is there going to be a new game

Really like this short, horror comedic visual novel! ^o^ 

cute art style, hate akano and like him at the same time

the diner speedrun any%
actually, is that a thing?

i love akano

Wow this really caught me by surprise!

..... It doesn't work with me help pls

Pretty pls

the music is perfect, at the start its somehow cute and creepy but when it sudden changed, gave me 3 heartattacks, but it was sooo cool

Can someone pls warn me if it has any screamers or jump scares? I am really scared of loud noises and jump scares

its not really scary tere no jump scares i know off

thank you

we need a game where we date him he so cute

Akano is adorable, but he is creepy... so.. no.


Short but also Akano is so cute, the third character's entrance is sudden and seemingly unexplained..?

I LOVE THIS GAME allthougth it can be a little longer, and have more endings.

I might also have a crush on akano....

wtf is wrong with you he freaking murderer!


bruh you just spoiled the whole game for me..

wtf u just spoiled

kill yourself you spoiler fuck

Hey! It's not okay to say that!

sows uwu

lol i just noticed that i ruined the fucking end plot twist

10/10 for me. I liked each of the endings; interesting and questionable. overall this is a great game

why does he remind me of Kokichi Oma?!?!

Thats what I thought at first too!

It's So Weird!?!?!

Like The Hair To!?!?

he is kokichi ouma in real life

not me thinking that and loving kokichi 

Please do for mobile

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