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You just got paid, and decide to check out a new diner that just opened!

You're greeted by a kind waiter named Akano, who serves you and is eager to learn more about you.

How will your relationship with Akano unfold? With five endings, there are a variety of possibilities!



my instagram: here


Blood, torture, supernatural elements.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Creepy, Cute, Dating Sim, Horror, Romance, supernatural
Average sessionA few seconds


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The_Diner-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 30 MB
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The_Diner-1.0-win.zip 25 MB

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do you know how to get a toy house code?

you'll need to find someone who sells them

thank you

hi so I was wondering! Can you make the diner a all devices game? Or is that all you could allow? No offense taken right???

its only for computer, sorry

I meant for all computers

im only able to make it available for windows, mac, and linux

I have a Dell;-;

https://toyhou.se/Vinaera/art#20689154 what is she saying i cant find the right de coder

'i despise you'

Thank you ☺️

i just love your art!! ^W^ :D

Thank you!!

how do i even download this T-T

press the download button?

good ending on the first try :D nice to see options for a character that makes sense haha

hope you enjoy the video!

i cant get the game

what is the soundtrack for the start when u first enter the game

it's a short tune i made myself!

can u upload it to Spotify I love the cuteness of it

Will there be a sequel where the player and Akano meets again in the future and get a romantic ending? because you say that Alva and Akano are no longer together and the future (er present time). But then again it still depends on you on what you want the sequel to be or if there will be any sequel :>> either way i still enjoyed the game and highly recommend it ❀(*´▽`*)❀

i currently have no desire to let the player romance akano, because a romantic ending with him can be seen as very problematic. if i did make a second game, it would probably need to be a prequel as opposed to a sequel so that alva wouldn't be in it. certain things happen in my story that prevent akano from getting a girlfriend after he and alva split ;)

If you did make a second game i would still support it 100%. Also thanks for replying to me ˊ˘ˋ

Does Akano kidnap boys too?

canonically it's only girls, but this game is designed so that the player can be whichever gender :)

this game is amazing !! honestly!! super cute artstyle too <3 i got 3 bad endings and one good ending but i cant figure out how to get the last ending?? can anyone help??

thank you!! there's a link to a walkthrough on the game page :))

i got all the five endings! And i have a question: Who is the girl that appears in the true end?

that is Alva, Akano's girlfriend :)

i would love to see a sequel this was really fun

I played this, But im a guy so the atmosphere was weird lmao

what's it mean by akano wants to see it all ?

blood ^^

Really liked it! 

The sudden creepiness caught me off guard.... And I thought he was a GIRL! XD

oh my god...i thought this was a cute dating


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wait... is Akano a vampire? That would explain his pale appearance and craving for blood 

Also, will there be a sequel to expand on the supernatural part?

Ps. The game SO cute, I absolutely love Akano’s design   

nope, he's just a human! and i haven't decided on a sequel yet, it's a possibiity!


fuck akano lmfao

Had fun getting stabbed to death! Super cute little game! I enjoyed it!

Ok I have a question, is this available to play on phones? Or is that not how this process works? I'm kinda new to this sorry.

Only for computers, sorry!

I downloaded it but it says I can't open the file 😞

right click the zipped file and go to 7-zip then choose extract (name of game)

and there ya go

Thank you

no prob

there is no option to play the game for me. Am I doing something wrong? Please, someone help me I'm dumb.

i love it like you become friends with a guy that you barely know and at the same time he is cute but he is evil

(1 edit)

I must learn to read tags more carefully

(1 edit)

whos https://toyhou.se/3954586.akano-hiroshima/gallery#20045065 the boy with blue hair?

My friend's OC

My game is stuck on a black screen after the first line...

that happened for me too. if when it's showing a black screen is after the part where it says you write your name in the guest list, then it's asking for you to write your name

Thank you!

i love your art (on your doll house page) please keep making more :D

thank you so much! <3

The way those very short pieces of music play on a loop gets grating after a while, I'm afraid!

What is akano's middle name? 

He doesn't have one :)

oh Owo

Really cool VN ! Didn't expect it so start all so quick but it didn't disappoint.

Kinda feel frustrated I got four out of five endings with my attempts haha, but I would recommend for sure !

gotten all endings aside from one amzing game

i really want to play dis i made an accc for dis but sadly i cant its not working oof but ik this game is the best

i have a question you said in a few comment that Akano has a gf (Alva) but then in a few other comments that she is his ex because Alva is married, please help me understand! Owo

when this game takes place, Alva is Akano's girlfriend. however in present time they are no longer together and Alva is married to someone else :)

thx for the clarification UwU

It has come to my attention that apparently a "pink line" appearing on the screen is a common problem which prevents gameplay (lol). The previous message explains that you enter your name on a guestlist, so please just type your name and press Enter. You can now continue.


so... i just played the game and

i just wanted a pizza and some coffee ;-;

i don't want to spoil anything but this isn't what i expected

(1 edit)

You should..Make an ending where the reader(us) can get together with Akano >///< Cuz he rlly cute. Please? OwO

ah unfortunately i probably won't be doing that! it can be seen as problematic (stockholm) and also he has a gf!!

Aww...It's okay, still, I really appreciate that you replied! uwu

i just made an account to say how much i appreciate that you answer to people

ill try the game out tho, i like the art style

(you also should consider making art for people if they are willing to pay for it, the money could help you improve a lot of stuff)

thank you!!

Hey I got this problem if id try to log on to the game I keep on pressing each botton to get on but I can't get in and i'm in windows

A lot of people seem to be having this problem recently, and i'm not sure why :( I can only assume that for some reason the game just isn't compatible with your computer, sorry!!

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