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You just got paid, and decide to check out a new diner that just opened!

You're greeted by a kind waiter named Akano, who serves you and is eager to learn more about you.

How will your relationship with Akano unfold? With five endings, there are a variety of possibilities!




Blood, torture, supernatural elements.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Creepy, Cute, Dating Sim, Horror, Romance, supernatural
Average sessionA few seconds


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Tag-LGBT #lgbt Nice Game. Do you know Pity Party? It's a bit like or similiar to your game.

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I expected to chill yandere side of akano so i can start cute gay dates with him since he is such cutie or atleast make him not murdery but he instead said "stab stab blood", i'm so sad :(

EDIT: oh he is also taked by alva, i want him too :(

aw it's okay! you can just pretend Alva doesn't exist ;) aha


this was amazing <3 i really really wanna draw fanart of this precious child

aa thank you! please let me know if you do <3


Hold on hold on hold on. Does he have an ahegao sweatshirt on-? Amazing game btw. I love it!

aha yes he does, and thank you <3


I think I'm catching feelings for Akano

me too lol <3


this is super fun and cute! would you mind if i cosplay Akano? :)

omg i would LOVE to see that!! please let me know if you post it online <33


Me: checks to what this contains.
me*sees torture*
me: ik ima have a really messed up time now 


this just caught me off guard after not reading the description at 3AM


just played tis for my gaming channel, and love love LOVE Akano! he is a really intresting person to me. if he was real i would truly want to be his friend, but might get killed. i wouldnt mind that part, though.

Wow thank you so much! I'm glad you like Akano!!

Welcome. He's a very creative Character you have.  I can't wait to see more from you! <3


im not gonna lie,, it got me shook.


fun game, i cuted the bastard throat


wtf that's a guy


Gave it a go...


I really liked your game as did many others, i don't want to be rude or ask something that seems to be rude to me anyway but i was wondering about the true ending She let you go. I like games like this because people like Akano interest me in the sense that i would like to know what there thinking in these moments. While getting the ending though i was still confused as to why Akano enjoyed hurting people. Although i think you may just want it to be up to peoples interpretation and use there imagination for what Alva's relation is to Akano and why he kills but I wanted to ask your initial thoughts on why he does it and maybe some info on him and his only friend. If you don't mind then please explain to me your own thoughts, if you do i sorry and don't feel obligated to do so, thanks and i really enjoyed the game.  


Thanks so much for your curiosity! I'll try to answer those questions for you.
Akano doesn't really have a deep reason for killing the people he does, he just heavily enjoys the colour of people's blood. If I had to give him a specific reason, however, I'd say he does it because he feels lonely. He has no real friends and therefore forcefully takes people to give him company, however he knows they aren't truly his friends; making him kill them.
Alva is another girl he kidnapped, but he didn't realise that she was also a demon. He kept her for a month before she tried to leave, causing him to feel betrayed and stab her. Alva, being a demon, didn't die from this and decided to stay with him to assist him with his killings.
That's a short description of it all. If I ever continue Akano or Alva's story in some form, I'll be sure to develop on this backstory.


Thanks that's really cool. If you ever make any other works please let me know because I really liked it, thanks.


I love the art, music, and the atmosphere. Fantastic! Akano is super cute.


Thank you so much!

Deleted 59 days ago

Ah thank you so much! If you make fanart, please let me know!


wtf is this

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The Diner is a short visual novel created by Vinaera in the course of a week. It features 19 year old Akano Hiroshima, who works as a waiter in a diner that you decide to visit after you get paid. Afterwards, he takes you back to his house and your choices decide the outcome! :)

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the game was very boring and monotone in my opinion , but I think it's forgivable because it was made in 1 week ,  btw it was not that bad

That's okay! These types of games don't appeal to everybody :)


Quite enjoyed this wee tale :) 


This game is interesting and the art style is really cute too but it's hard for me to get the true ending, i've been playing for an hour to get the true ending and still can't reach it yet. I only got 3/5 ending. I really want to get the true ending but im gonna try it later. Is okay to get any hint?

I've had multiple people tell me that the true end is hard to get, so I'm sorry about that! I decided to make a walkthrough which can be found here :)


I really like your game and your art style. I found the true ending to be a  bit hard to get and had to look through the files to find out how to get it. Other than that, I really love your characters and how cute they look. Great game!

Thanks for your feedback! I've been told by multiple people that the true end is hard to obtain, so I'll be sure to make those types of endings easier to get in my future projects :)

Glad to hear it! Keep up the  good work.


This game is amazing! You did such a great work, congratulations!But this true ending is being super hardcore do get T_T, already got the other 4 btw.

Thank you so much! Yeah, I've been told the true end is a pain to get lol. I'll probably make a walkthrough soon and post a link to it on the game page.



I actually made this account solely to comment on this visual novel. It's different from most visual novels on this site, in that choices outside the game matter, such as name or game settings. I haven't run into any technical issues and the GUI is simple, yet pleasing.

*After playing through the game a few times, checking out your ToyHouse, and playing through a few more times, I decided to try a different name. Akano looks a bit uncomfortable, hm? I haven't yet found an ending affected by the name change, but I'll keep trying. So far I've found 3/5(Withdrawal, Saw it All, Defended Yourself) endings, but as I mentioned, I haven't found anymore.

I actually did a thorough search through your DA, to see if there was another clue, but either I'm too dense to see the clues, you're good at hiding them, or I'm grasping at straws. I would like to mention that your art style is unique and definitely something I'm a fan of. I adore your shading style and way of coloring.

This is a visual novel that I'd recommend, and definitely one of the better ones out there, I'm just having a difficult time with the endings(you may not have the same issue). 

I hope you have a wonderful day and continue to pursue your interests :) <3

(mistakenly posted on the Devlog)

Ah thank you so much for this comment! I didn't think somebody would like my game this much to do something like this. The name you choose at the beginning doesn't affect your endings, and is only there as a little easter egg to show how Akano gets uncomfortable at the mention of a certain person.

To get another ending, you progress towards the Defended Yourself ending, but divert at the final choice. (You my have gotten this ending by the time I'm responding to this, but just in case you haven't). And I admit the final ending is hard. It is the "true" ending, and requires very specific dialogue choices in order to be obtained. I can post a walkthrough for this if it is deemed to difficult to obtain.

(By the way, the chat with Akano when he sits with you at the table doesn't matter choice-wise, it's just there as a bonding moment. However choices like introducing your name do matter).

I'm so glad you like my game!


After a bit of trial and error, I have successfully evaded death(at least for now). Alva is adorable, by the way.