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You just got paid, and decide to check out a new diner that just opened!

You're greeted by a kind waiter named Akano, who serves you and is eager to learn more about you.

How will your relationship with Akano unfold? With five endings, there are a variety of possibilities!



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Blood, torture, supernatural elements.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Creepy, Cute, Dating Sim, Horror, Romance, supernatural
Average sessionA few seconds


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The_Diner-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 30 MB
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The_Diner-1.0-win.zip 25 MB

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Akano is adorable, but he is creepy... so.. no.

Short but also Akano is so cute, the third character's entrance is sudden and seemingly unexplained..?

I LOVE THIS GAME allthougth it can be a little longer, and have more endings.

I might also have a crush on akano....

wtf is wrong with you he freaking murderer!


bruh you just spoiled the whole game for me..

wtf u just spoiled

kill yourself you spoiler fuck

10/10 for me. I liked each of the endings; interesting and questionable. overall this is a great game

why does he remind me of Kokichi Oma?!?!

Thats what I thought at first too!

It's So Weird!?!?!

Like The Hair To!?!?

he is kokichi ouma in real life

Please do for mobile

please! how do you delete 'wave Browser'? it won't close! it's part of downloading the game, so please, do you know how to close it, more so delete it??

ples do it for laptop


it is

... well that escalated quickly.  

This is genuinely one of the most interesting visual novels I've ever played, it completely went against my expectations and left me genuinely unsettled despite the short length. Really excellent work, so glad I gave this a try.

Also that music? That's going to be stuck in my head for a long time. 

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this game was NOT what i was expecting- fun game though but the music just scared me lol

EDIT: i've only gotten 2 endings TvT i ask for help on the endings stuff

All I Can Say Is Go To YouTube

I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

Warnings: Blood, torture, supernatural elements. Seems like every game has those nowadays 

OMG Yas Cause Gen Z Props

i'm on computer but i am not sure how to download it! please someone help!

yeah same- I really want to play-

so sorry for the late reply but.. what kind of computer u got? windows? mac?

It wont let me open the file on my android

Wait- HES SO FLIPPING CUTEEEEEEEEE. but can there be another good ending?

(1 edit)

shame it had to end like that... we coulda talked about cutting together under the moonlight T.T oh well... that's what you get when you try to take away my consent!

update; i think i got the rest of the endings... i want to know more about the story and characters! this feels like a teaser for a full game.


(1 edit)

It won't let me download it on my computer

Edit: How do you download it for free??

just say bla bla no money thing on the top

how do i download it on a chrome book

dfghjkghjsugjugdskhuhjgsjgsjgcsjfgsdu 1.1 DEATH STREET

This was a really fun game. I love the art style and characters. It was a nice challenge to get all 5 endings.

I didn't know what I was getting into. I clicked because I thought it looked cute. I read the description but I didn't think much of the warnings, so when I started playing I was surprised lol I got every ending myself except the true ending (which seemed really interesting). Anyway, I really liked this!

for some reason I can't download it WHY

Maybe cuz you already did?

uh no i cant play it i meant 

Oh, then I can't really answer that question. Maybe I can if you tell the details, idk.

akano is so cute but deadly

eh the game do have great art style but shallow and boring story and music do get repetitive too fast and it also got some meaningless choice

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I love the game! hahahaha! I will posta video soon on my channel!  on the game! heheh 


When I downloaded the game, I ran the application but the game wont start.

(3 edits)

Is there a way to make it work on Chromebook and I don't know how to make it not the tar. bz2 file is there a way you could make it a .deb file or you could play in browser?(EDIT: I was able to use my mom's 1000/10 game)

Hey, it's me again.

I made another mod.

You hook up with Akano.

I'm sorry, if you play you will only find hell.


I think it's okay, but it's pretty boring in my opinion. As a person who suffers from ADHD, I easily get bored of doing something over and over. I think the game is just short and repetitive. There is always room for improvement, though!

how to install it on linux im having trouble help

please help

Wow okay that was something. Honestly if i didn't followed the walkthrough this would had gone soo much longer. That guy is crazy! But what's up with the demon? So many questions lol. But the art is so pretty, it's a nice game!

I got all five endings in 1 day! I got the true ending because I look for answer in your walkthrough, though. Eventhough Akano is kind of psycho, I still love him >.<



.happy birthday akano!!! 馃榿

(Sees the game)                                                                                                           This seems like a very cute game!                                                                    (Looks at the warnings)                                                                                               Yup. It's gonna be a cute game.

https://toyhou.se/Vinaera/art#20272912 plz finish the picture :3


I just saw this game Yesterday and i was thinking (Should i download it??)

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